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Neck, Back and Shoulder 30 min

Kaela, selja ja õlgade massaaž 30 min

  • 30 min
  • 30 euros
  • LEONA Tai massaaž Thai Spa, Tallinn Viru tänav, 3|Champathong Tai salong Thai Massage, Vana-Viru4,

Service Description

This treatment mainly massages the specific area such as the neck, back and shoulder and primarily uses the most two effective massages; Deep tissue massage and relaxing oil massage. Therefore, its ability to help relieve muscle pain and soreness, including fighting depression, relieving aches, managing pain, improving blood pressure and much more.

Cancellation Policy

🙋🏽‍♀ 🗓️🙇‍♀️Please notify us 60 minutes before if you are late or would like to cancel a massage. 🇪🇪Tai massaažisalong Tere! 🗓️🙇‍♀️Hilinemisest või massaažist loobumisest palume teada anda tund enne. 🙏Please call; +372 58229789 Or WhatsApp; ,

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