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Webshop (hereinafter Webshop) owner is Taibaan Massaaž OÜ (register code 14897784), located Viru street 3, 10114 Tallinn, Estonia.


Validity of the sales contract, goods- and price information


Terms and conditions will apply for purchasing goods from web shop

Prices of the products are displayed on the product page in the Webshop.


Delivery fee will be added to product price for transport.

Delivery fee will depend from the client location and delivery type. Delivery fee will be displayed to to client during the checkout.

Information about the product is displayed near the product in the Webshop.


Placing an order


In order to order products, they need to be added to the shopping basket. To place an order all the information fields which are required needs to be filled and delivery type must be chosen. After that a total sum will be displayed, which has to payed via bank link or other payment option.


Contract will take effect after total sum has received on the Webshop bank account.

If ordered goods can’t be delivered due to lacking them in stock or other reason, client will be notified as soon as possible and payment will be refunded (including delivery fee) as soon as possible latest after 14 days after the noticication.




Goods will be sent only inside Estonia.

Shipping fees will be covered by the client and shipping fee will be displayed near the delivery option.

National shippings will be delivered most likely during 3-7 business days after sales contract has taken effect.

Exeptional cases Webshop is allowed to deliver goods during 45 days.


Right of withdrawal


After receiving goods client has a right to withdraw from the contract during 14 days.


Right for withdrawal does not apply if the client is a business.


In order to 14 day withdrawal would be valid the goods must not be used in a way how the product should be used in a offline store. 

14-päevase tagastamisõiguse kasutamiseks ei tohi tellitud kaupa kasutada muul viisil kui on vajalik kauba olemuses, omadustes ja toimimises veendumiseks viisil nagu see on lubatud kauba testimiseks füüsilises poes.


If product is used for other purpose than normal or product is been worn then Webshop has right to discount the refund price in correlation with the damage. 

To return a product an application must be sent to e-mail address during 14 days after receiving goods. Application can be found here.


Cost of withdrawal must be covered by the client, exept the reason of the withdrawal is that goods do not meet the order or damaged.

Client has to return goods during 14 days or present proof that current goods has been handed to delivery during this time.

Webshop will make a refund to the client in a full amount funds received, as soon as possible but not later than 14 days after receiving withdrawal request.



Webshop can refuse the refund until the returned goods are received or client has presented proof, either event will happen sooner. 

If client has clearly chosen the cheapest shipping option available to return goods then Webshop does not have to refund shipping cost, which exceeds normal shipping cost. 

Webshop has a right to withdrawal a contract and demand to return the goods if by a mistake a product price has been set significantly below the normal price.


Right for complaint


Webshop is responsible for being non compliant to the terms or deficiency of the product, which was already existing on the time products were handed over up to two years starting from the date after products for handed over to client. During six months from handing over goods can be considered that deficiency was existing on the time when goods were handed to user.


Client has right to contact Webshop latest 2 months since the deficiency was discovered by sending an e-mail to


Veebipood ei vastuta puuduste eest, mis on tekkinud pärast kauba üleandmist ostjale.


If goods which are purchased from the Webshop have deficiency, Webshop will replace or fix the products or make a refund if that is not possible.

Webshop will reply to to complaint via e-mail during 15 days.


Direct marketing and privacy


Webshop will use personal data such as name, phone number, address, e-mail and bank detail only to fulfill orders and to ship goods to clients. Web shop will forward only details to delivery company, which are needed to fulfill a shipment.

Client has right to opt out from the offers and newsletters by sendin a information to Webshop or by unsubscribing inside an e-mail.


Solving issues


If client has a claim against Webshop, it has to be sent to


If client and Webshop can not sort our the debate with an agreement then user has a right to turn to Consumer Commission. The terms and application terms can be found here. Consumer commision has a know-how and rights to sort out debates between the client and business. Complaint review is free for the client.


Client can turn to Europeab Consumer Commission as well here.

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