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Welcome to Authentic Thai massage salon
Champathong Tai salong Thai Massage & Leona Tai Massaaž Thai Spa

Leona and Champa, a professional team offers many massage procedures in the beautiful Tallinn old town. Our clients will embrace simple luxuries which are delivered by our passionate staff who are from Thailand and have more than 10-year experience.
We believe in individual treatment and will work with you to understand and meet your needs. Whether you are new to massage & skin care treatments or a long-time wellness friend, our treatments are crafted to enhance your senses, inner serenity and your overall well-being.

Thai massage has historically been considered a spiritual and medical practice, not just simply a way to help people relax and manage their stress levels. Like Yoga, it involves the belief that there are energy lines along the body called Prana Nadis and pressure points, responsible for the body’s health and well-being. It is believed that sickness can result when the energy along these lines is not flowing correctly.

Reservations can be made online via e-mail, phone or via messenger. If for some reasons you could not visit our centre at a reserved time, the Administration of the centre kindly asks you to cancel your visit not later than 2 hours.

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